1 Million Premium Visitors

Guaranteed 1 Million Premium visitors.

Traffic is generated through the use of exclusive pop-under technology and is rotated throughout over 4,000+ different websites Unlike other traffic providers, our laser traffic system also derives from our own network of Exit Exchanges, Expired Domains, Exit Pop-unders, Redirects, Traffic Exchanges, etc. These websites collectively receive tens of millions of visitors per day, so you get maximum exposure by placing your site on our network.

We use pop-unders to display your message to targeted website visitors. We have partnered with some of the largest advertising companies around the world in order to provide a network of websites that is viewed by nearly 60% of the United States Internet population. We are constantly adding additional sites to our network to expand our reach. Pop-Unders are web pages that automatically load when another web page is displayed. They appear below the active page of the site the visitor is browsing through. The pop-unders are normally viewed when the user closes or minimizes the page they are on. You have probably seen pop-unders when visiting sites such as the Weather Channel, the Drudge Report, the New York Times, and more.

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