YouTube Case Study

We are building a new YouTube channel from scratch as part of a case study that we'll be able to use to market our services. We've done this many times before but never with the intention for it to be a case study.

We will document the whole process and show future clients the results they can expect to get when we do the same for them.

 We've created videos that have done over $5000 selling a $20 product


Well this is where it gets really exciting....we setup these same video campaigns on our other channels to promote our services and have made many thousands of dollars in doing so. We will do the same for your product or service as part of our case study.

Let me give you an idea what goes into these campaigns:

-Keyword research

-Competition analysis

-Video creation and editing

-Video optimization

-Title, description, tags

-Custom thumbnail





- Adwords campaign

The entire process from start to finish just to create and dial in the video campaign can take up to a week. All the traffic is organic. Then the SEO begins which we will continue to manage for several months until the video has built up enough momentum. Our goal is to rank each video on the first page of YouTube. If we can show our potential clients that we can do this in a case study is it obviously very valuable.

All we ask of you is to track your sales that come from YouTube so we can use them as part of our case study. This is the most powerful part of our case study and is critical to its success. What we need is to be able to show for example that we setup 10 video campaigns as part of a new channel and each campaign generated thousands of dollars with proof of sales or a testimonial from you.

Once you order we’ll review your product or service whether it be your own or an affiliate offer to determine a campaign strategy. Any offers should be okay but nothing that would violate YouTube’s terms of service.

We normally charge our clients $5k for this service. However, because this is part of a case study you can take advantage of this same service for less than half the price we normally charge. This is a very rare opportunity.

50% off our normal rate for this service is $2,500 but we said we’d do it for less than half so we’re offering you the chance to be part of our case study for only $1850. That’s a 63% discount!

We are confident you will be more than pleased with the service and look forward to working for you!

*Terms of Service: By purchasing this service you aknowledge that all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. There are a lot of costs that go into setting up a campaign including Google adwords, video creation, backlinks, etc. 

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Save: 80% off

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